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Ollie Holmes

Category: DJs

Ollie Holmes

It wasn’t until recently that we realised this guy could seriously DJ, before that he just seemed to be the token pissed idiot on the dance floor getting his creep on. After being born on the 17/1/91 and growing up as a young rascal, music was always a big part of his life – whether it was dominating instruments such as the guitar or piano, or attending his hippie parent’s band’s gigs, he was surrounded by music. His late teens sore him introduced into the dance scene, taking full advantage of his awesome fake id and spending a ridiculous amount of time at nightclubs across Melbourne. It was there where he realised his dream of becoming a fruit-fly inspector was no longer important to him, and it was now to become a DJ. Thrown into the deep end, his first DJ gig was the 12am set at a full-house Cushion Lounge on grand final day 2010. Trembling in his boots he managed to keep the crowd pumping and keep his pants on. Since then, he has played his favourite house-tech-funky-disco tunes at Revolver, Seven, Boutique, and is a resident for Cushion Saturdays. Hasn’t lost his fruit fly inspecting capabilities either. Just ask him, he will happily inspect your melons.


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